Monday, April 17, 2006

Where Is My Broken Boy Soldiers?

The Raconteurs

For the last couple days, I was away to a place with no internet access. When I came back and check up on my blog, only then I realized the "Broken Boy Soldiers" post was nowhere to be seen. Didn't check the mail for few days, I wasn't aware that I've been requested to remove the links to those leaked songs. Without my knowledge, Blogger removed the entire post.

When Gorilla vs. Bear and some other music blogs tagged the post, the daily visitors to this blog increased about 15 folds. Goodness sake I couldn't recover the post anymore! Anyhow, for those who wish to listen to tracks from Broken Boy Soldiers, since the album is leaked, just do some web searching, I'm sure you will find plenty of links. Otherwise, buy the record which will be released on 16th May.

Live tracks by The Raconteurs @ Newcastle, England 22-03-2006 (hopefully this doesn't get me in trouble again)
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Anonymous Anonymous said...


ryan - Boston

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Weny=P said...

haih don't so nottyla bing bing=P

4:28 PM  

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