Thursday, January 05, 2006

Can't Get A First Impression of Earth

The Strokes

January 3rd, the highly anticipated "First Impressions of Earth" by New York finest, The Strokes landed in Malaysia - according to

I woke up early, ditched my basketball mates, drove all the way to 1u with my sis to get the first taste (not exactly...the entire album has leaked all over the net months ago).

First stop,
Tower Records, no sign of first impressions of earth. Wanted to ask the sales advisor, but i doubted any common jaychow or bep fans would ever heard of em. no point asking.

How can I get a first impressions of earth if i'm starving to death? Next stop,lunch in Mcdonalds.

1u, the biggest mall in Malaysia, sadly there are only two music stores. So I headed to my final hope-Rock Corner. Went through the
Rough Trade section, The Libertines, Sufjan Stevens, British Sea Power, Jeffrey Lewis... The Strokes! I quickly grabbed it, only noticed that it was Is This It, their debut album. Dissapointed, I asked the sales advisor who looks like he does know about The Strokes. I was told that it was scheduled to out today, but for some reason, it will only be available on the following week. Heck.

While waiting, here's a Juicebox b-side
Hawaii - The Strokes



Anonymous *weny* said...

aiyeeeee.... Dats where u went when we played a 5 man ball game...All your fault for the imbalance throughout the game!

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where did you find it? Interesting read »

11:47 PM  

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