Thursday, September 25, 2008

V in KL

It is neither Valentino Rossi nor Vincent Chase. Excitement is rushing down my blood. The boys from Sydney are coming up again after those lucky ones caught them in action back in July in the land of our sibling neighbour. They are signed under the home to the equally cool Cut Copy and The Presets. Does all the best Australia electropop come from the amazing Modular Recordings?

V = Van She. The band's debut 'V' is full of good ol' disco-inspired cheeky pop numbers that any electropop/synth fans should lay their ears at. Van She will be headlining the latest installment of Heineken Green Room on 1st November at the newly refurbished Zouk Mainroom. Also playing is Tokyo’s Dexpistols and KL's very own DJ duo LapSap. The lineups are going to promise a mind-blowing party. Dexpistols was unheard of and LapSap has-seen-couple-times, so Van She will be the one that I am going to kick in all my energy. If I look not even slight entertained in the other two sets, sorry guys, I am keeping them all in before unleashing in the final set.

By the way, admission is by invitation only. I will do anything filthy just to lay my hands on those invites.

Van She -
Sex City
Van She -
So High


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Anonymous geedoubleyou said...


first the death cab, and now this.

cooked up any schemes to get into V yet?

10:51 AM  

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