Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Three Kings of COOL

2 Alex & 1 Jules

From left to right: the skinny geek who topped the uk single chart through the spread of mouth by an army of internet disciples, another skinny bloke who claimed he makes music just for girls to dance, and a not-so-skinny dude who half sings, half sneers through all his songs, yet no one ever sounded so cool. Respectively in 2005, 04 & 01, these three young hotties arrived in their own style of 'cool'ness and made rock music so much better. Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys, Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand, and Julian Casablancas from The Strokes were seen mingling with each other in this picture. How cool is that? In 2006, hopefully we will see more of them with the Arctic Monkeys debut album coming out soon, Franz Ferdinand touring for their sophomore album, You Could Have It So Much Better (Heck, they skip Malaysia for Singapore... as usual!), and the release of The Strokes' third album, First Impressions Of Earth.

The Strokes and the Franz boys

29 Nov 05 - the Franz boys enjoyed a Strokes concert at the University Of London Union, while the following night 30 Nov 05 - the New Yorkers caught Franz Ferdinand's gig at Alexandra Palace. Here is a backstage pic of Albert, Cat from The Pierces and Fab with the Franz boys after the FF gig.

Apparently, The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand got on so well when they met and planned on forming a supergroup. "They are talking about forming some kind of supergroup. Exactly how and when is yet to be decided. But they are all keen to collaborate on some recording and a live show."- According to a source

Whoa, The Strokes + Franz Ferdinand = Kings of COOLEST!

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Anonymous ~z said...

whoa, think i prefer franz ferdinand by themselves...strokes music cant make gurls dance..=p

9:35 PM  

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