Monday, November 19, 2007

Across The Great Divide @ Claremont Oval, 23.9.07 (Part II)

Part II arrives two months later.

I am not a big fan of Powderfinger, I would not have paid to see the band play if it was not for Silverchair. Anyway they are indeed one of the biggest rock bands in Australia, I believe their live show would not disappoint. Also I enjoy quite a number of the band’s classic pop rock hits.

After such spectacular show from Silverchair, the crowd was in for another wait as Powderfinger set up to take to the stage and close the show.

Compared to the flamboyant and theatric Daniel Johns, Bernard Fanning looked more like an easy going bloke sporting his new cropped hair cut.

The band opened with Head Up In The Clouds, then carried on with past hits like Waiting For The Sun, Love Your Way, and Already Gone. Tracks from their latest album Dream Days at the Hotel Existence are also thrown into the mixed set, such as I Don’t Remember and Who Really Cares.

Highlights of the set include a stirring solo version of Black Tears by Bernard Fanning and a sweet acoustic version of Sunsets on both wings of the stage. Crowd-favourites like These Days, My Happiness and On My Mind triggered some massive sing-along near the end of the set.

The band played a genuine set of lovely soft rock – such a contrast to the loud and fast preceding set, but have no doubt delighted the crowd.

Head Up In The Clouds
Waiting For The Sun
Lost & Running
Love Your Way
I Don't Remember
Already Gone
Who Really Cares
Black Tears
These Days
My Happiness
On My Mind


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