Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Operator Please

Operator Please

They look barely out of teen, and are already creating buzz in Australia with their teenage-angst indie ala Be Your Own Pet style music. For the past couple weeks, I see/hear Operator Please everywhere I go in town. Back when I was in Malaysia, I tried to check them out when I found out they were going to open for Kaiser Chiefs. I listened to few songs, and I thought hey, some good stuff. Considering their juvenility, the band pretty much has nothing to say but Ping Pong and random things they want. The band captures their listeners with their spunkiness and energy which translate into some catchy tunes.

Once I touched the Aussie ground, I just could not escape the Operator Please. I hear 'Just a Song about Ping Pong' on the radio, and I see the miserably colourful video on TV. I read story about how the band was formed and blah blah blah...on dozens of articles. Then came the Virgin Blue advertisement which was played zillion times a day on TV, guess whose song was on it? 'Get What You Want' by Operator Please indeed. Everything comes in a package, so the final course is surely a live show by the band itself, I saw them perform at Kaiser Chiefs and I even met the drummer Tim whose look fits well like an awkward middle-school kid.

Are there enough of Operator Please? The band is signed to Virgin/EMI, and their debut album, titled ‘Yes, Yes! Vindictive!’ is planned for release in November, so they will stick a little while more. Also, here I am giving you more of Operator Please,

Just a Song about Ping Pong
Get What You Want


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Anonymous WenY said...

Ohhhh so the song that has been one the radio is the ping pong song :) Now i know hehe

9:55 PM  

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