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Kaiser Chiefs @ Metro City Perth, 31.7.07

Kaiser Chiefs - Australia 2007

Ah, finally! After hearing the distressing news of Klaxons show on August 8 being postponed, Kaiser Chiefs sold-out show on Tuesday night just did some wonders to cheer me up. In a few words, the band really lived up to the best live act Brit award they won.

Shortly after door opened sharp at 8pm, Operator Please warmed up the crowd with their brand of mischievous pop. The five-piece from Queensland certainly had a horde of decent beats the crowd seemed to enjoy quite a bit.

Operator Please

Next up was psychedelic funk band Wolf & Cub from Adelaide. To be frank, I was not too fond of their music prior that night, but that changed after watching them live. The dual percussion was engaging but things seemed to be a little held back by the flawed sound system.

Wolf & Cub

As the familiar synth intro of Everyday I Love You Less and Less rolled, the massive crowd launched into soaring mood to welcome Kaiser Chiefs to the stage. Everything from there on was spectacular from start to finish.

I managed to get near the rail, right in front of Ricky Wilson - who was wearing a black vest over a ‘burger’ tee. His energy was on display from the get-go, throwing around microphone and constantly leaping on the stage. At one point during the second song Heat Dies Down, he got down from the stage and rose above the rail – I was so near and got to touch his legs.

Ricky Wilson


Yours Truly, Angry Mob and Employment basically wrapped up the main set, except for B-side ‘Take My Temperature’. Ricky, Peanut, Whitey, Simon and Nick charmed us with their good-time rock ‘n’ roll - one followed another without wasting time. The crowd was all revved up when the band belted out some fans favourite like Everything Is Average Nowadays, Na Na Na Na Naa and Modern Way. When radio-friendly Ruby was played, literally everyone was singing along. Another sensational highlight of the show was I Predict a Riot, the song that made Kaiser Chiefs household name, which sparked some vigour responses and sing-along.

Kaiser Chiefs

Simon Rix


Ricky Wilson was one damn good performer with his exceptionally high level of enthusiasm and sincerity- his stage presence was remarkable. The more reserved crowd on the balcony was thrilled in awe when Ricky ran up to them at a point, to which particular song I could not recall. There was a time when he was returning to the stage after another intimate raid into the fans, a security member mistaken him as some rowdy punter, grabbed his leg, causing him an injury in his leg. Ah, poor Ricky! But then he bounced back in no time, pumped out the best for us. At one point when Ricky was just above us, I held up my camera and tried to snap a picture of him - I was certain he was looking at me, then he did some poseur moves. Well, that was funny!




The guys had an encore prepared, they played My Kind of Guy and closed out with the snappy Oh My God. We left the club feeling contented. Everything is average nowadays, but Kaiser Chiefs just proved they are not.



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