Saturday, June 02, 2007

Reverend & The Makers


Ascribe to dengue fever for the long abscence here. It's now back to the daily routine of exploring new music. It's always a treat for me to discover up and rising bands that are infectiously catchy, lyrically clever, annoyingly danceable and in fact completely impossible not to like. Jon 'Reverend' McClure has long been making himself famous around Sheffield selling out his Reverend Soundsystem club nights, and now, with his band, Reverend And The Makers. Hailed from home of many well-known musicians, Reverend And The Makers' sound comprises elements of disco, indie and electro, with funky bassline and striking deep vocal in a notable Yorkshire accent. Those catchy beats are gonna keep me stomping my feet for a long time.

Heavyweight Champion Of The World
The Machine (feat Alex Turner)

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Anonymous Weny=p said...

Hell yea i agree :P The band's pretty damn good :)

Good to know ur back :P

1:30 PM  

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