Sunday, March 18, 2007

Rising Stars 2007 Part II

The Maccabees

Being around for some time and slowly making name in the crowded British indie-rock scene, The Maccabees is set to make 2007 a year of their own with their much-anticipated debut album due to release in coming April. However, anyone can be able to listen to the full-length album now as hours ago it just made its way to the already super-long list of leaked stuff (albeit only first quarter into the year). Their music is not remarkably unique, but they are doing it well with buzzy guitars, sing-a-long choruses, heavy accents, quirky lyrics. The Maccabees burst into the scene 2 years ago with a strong debut single 'X-Ray', though doesn't quite match the brilliance of their follow-up 'Latchmere', a perfect guitar pop song. However 'First Love' was the track that brought them to mainstream exposure, being the band's first charted single.

To bring up for fun, frontman Orlando Weeks seems to love the hoodied look.

The Maccabees -
The Maccabees -
About Your Dress

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top that you're posting new sounds... love it and love the maccabees from what i've heard...

p.s. rapid share needs to get a wee bit more rapid if they don't want to be had for trade descriptions act... how many questionaires you got to fill out 'for you get to listen to a killer track... keep up good work...

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