Monday, February 26, 2007

Muse @ Stadium Negara, 25.2.07

Everyone was talking about the sold-out Muse Live in Malaysia. Last night it came and left us stunned for the band's energetic live performance.

Stadium Negara was the arena of love for Muse that night. I would prefer a smaller venue but as though I can make a choice. The door opened around 6.50pm. Some idiots ahead in the queue brought along their bags and delayed us. What people bring bags into mosh pit? Tempted to get your belongings crushed?

The official mnerchandise store was situated inside the stadium, which seemed unwise to me. It left the patrons no time to check out the goods, but rushing to grab themselves decent spots in the pitt. I felt a little cheated when I saw only red tapes setting the pitt and the rockzone apart. What a 'solid' barrier. Anyone would have guessed the red tapes wouldn't serve any function once the band shows up.

Almost into 9pm, all lights went off, Matt Bellamy, Dominic Howard, Chris Wolstenholme and the extra musician Morgan Nicholls kicked off the night with epic opener 'Knights of Cydonia'. From then, I was literally floating, my feet couldn't even touch the ground. And my mates who were next to me a minute ago got lost in sight. Everyone was sweating like pigs, I felt disgusted with the body odour, I kept my focus on the band nevertheless. Expectedly the band played quite some numbers from Black Holes and Revelations, there was still a fair share of songs from older albums. The crowd wre gripped by mass hysteria when the band followed with some fans favourites like 'Hysteria', 'Butterflies and Hurricanes', and 'Apocalypse Please'. But it was 'Plug In Baby' that got the crowd all hyped up, practically everyone was singing along. Radio-friendly 'Starlight' was another sing-along and hand-clapping session, but there was no laser green light as I expected. Instead, there were huge balloons bouncing over the crowd during 'Stockholm Syndrome'.

As usual, the spotlight was on the frontman. Matt was one charismatic multi-talented musician. He was sporting a bright red tracksuit (in the mood for Chinese New Year?), alternating between his guitar and piano. He didn't interact much with the audience, except some greetings between songs, but he serenaded the fans with strong musicianship. Credit to the exceptional good sound system, we were treated with perfectly executed solo and effect. Chris was doing his thing and providing mesmerizing back-up vocals. Dominic's drumming was tight and breathtaking. The band left the stage after playing 'New Born'. Shortly they came back with a 4-song encore. Matt asked the crowd to wave lighters and mobiles along the melancholic 'Soldier's Poem'. The night ended with the synthetic 'Take A Bow'.

Taken from Muse Messageboard

This setlist is taken from Muse Messageboard.


No complaint for the band. But I have some say for the camera man who was constantly blocking my view and snapshots. Also, the stage was so high that some people in front rows have to raise their heads. The organiser just wanted to cash out from the fans by setting up the pitt, which is no much difference from the cheaper rockzone, looked to me the seating plan was one big mess.

Some people claimed this is the best rock concert of the year, which makes me wonder what are they comparing this event to. Korean pop star or pop opera quartet? It is just the beginning of the year, I don't think it's right to make judgement so soon. Who knows Best Live Act 2006 might come?

A great show. But wouldn't top my 2006 highlight.



Anonymous Gallivanter said...

Muse huffed and puffed and brought the house down! I am officially MUSEd. It's extremely rare these days to find a gifted lead singer who can rock the lead guitar and the piano! I'm impressed... :-)

12:11 PM  
Anonymous ~z said...

that night..i died of seems meaningless now..what i thought i would never experience has now flashed past..=)

4:58 PM  
Blogger ian said...

dude, sorry for not alerting you earlier about the pics. My bad. Anyways, thanks a bunch for the pics! Rock on!

9:29 PM  
Blogger Von said...

you're right they won't top your 2006 highlight...cos they'd be too busy topping your 2007 one.

10:37 PM  
Blogger Cavey said...

LOL, that's a good one, Von.

MUSE is simply amazing! They just WOW-ed me!!

4:55 PM  
Blogger yoongbing said...

To Von,
We are only two months into 2007, I am no psychic, so I can't predict what is coming up in the next 10 months, let alone highlight of 2007. I didn't say the concert was no good, but I think it's tad too early to say this is the best ever. Unless you can tell the future, how would you know my other 2007 ones wouldn't be as great or even better?

5:49 PM  
Blogger Siti said...

oy bing, great cover! :)

i'm full on muse being great stage performers and that it was an awesome concert - but i must must *must* agree with you on the franz ferdinand gig in 2006. that was definitely the time-marker of the year.
(though muse would probably beat the record in the amount of people passing out halfway through the concert - what was it, 6 people?)

anyway, thanks for putting this up. see you at the next gig? ;)

9:14 PM  
Anonymous red said...

Hey mate...thanks for using my pics without my knowledge.

6:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it was cool. but the crowd is just packed with stupid dumbfuck malays. at the back of me, a gay couple argued over who is a better muse fan at the top of their lungs.

and you know how the malays are... in school, they kept on talking about it. damn shit man...

they shouldn't be loafing off our tax money. we have to work twice as hard and those malay fuckers act ulu ulu all the time. just because they can. shit.

i have a few nice malay friends though. but they're often misunderstood. thanks to the shithead rempithead skinhead malays.

6:21 PM  

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