Sunday, December 17, 2006

Lord Don't Slow Me Down

Last Wednesday, I waited for my sisters who left work at seven o'clock, then drove through the heavy traffic to Mid Valley to catch a screening of Oasis's tour documentary "Lord Don't Slow Me Down". The screening was free in conjuction with Junk's Fortnight 2006.

We went straight to the Junk's booth to collect the tickets after grabbing a quick dinner. The screening time was 9pm, we went into the hall and found ourselves amidst the screening of a local movie, no sight of Oasis yet. Well, I guess we just entered the hall a tad too early. I caught a glimpse of the ending, if I was not mistaken, it was a local indie flick called "Ciplak". Anyway, in a short while, after the ending credits finished running, I realized no one was leaving the hall, all the patrons were there for the documentary. Erm, did that mean the aforementioned local film was played to an empty hall before we bumped into it?

Finally, "Lord Don't Slow Me Down" came into the screen. The show was being every worthwhile, especially since the tickets were free. The show featured footages from the band's Don't Believe The Truth world tour. It was fun to follow the band to places like NYC, Dallas, Denver, LA, Japan, Europe, and Australia, see how the one of the world's biggest rock 'n roll bands is like on the road. Noel was being typically snobbish all the way, talking about how cool he is and how everyone else sucks (those mentioned include
Scissor Sisters, Bloc Party). There were many memorable scenes and quotes from the documentary, for instance, the conversation on Tom Cruise and Michael Owen, Liam's birthday celebration, the Gallagher brothers' feud for Liam agreed to pose for NME cover, and etc. It was also good to see the unique relationship between the Gallagher brothers where they constantly mocked each other, but claimed they love each other in interviews.

Thanks to Junk for organzing the free screening, and I will definitely go catch the next free show "

A new track of same title featured on the film,
Oasis -
Lord Don't Slow Me Down (not the best quality)



Anonymous WenY =P said...

WTF . Some losers using comment box to post ads?? FUCK THEMMMM... Anyways./.. this lord dont slow me down documentry is sort of the 1st big screen semi-porn in the country with U-rating thx to the booby showing lady ahahahaha

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