Sunday, November 19, 2006

Make Yourself

Light Grenades

Light Grenades, the sixth album by Incubus which is scheduled to be released on 28th November has just leaked. Upon the first listen, the tracks aren't that catchy. Most probably it will grow on me after a few spins on my playlist. I love the fact that everyone hates them just for being too mainstream, it makes liking them so much more appealing. I witnessed the band's explosive sound in their first concert in Malaysia two years back, hopefully it wouldn't be their and my last. Apparently Albert Hammond Jr. is supporting Incubus in the band's North American Tour. I will definitely kill to see these two of my favourite acts play, if only they will make their way to this little place that only hold gigs for acts like Ryan Star and Tata Young. Erm, don't ask me who are they.

Diamonds And Coal
Love Hurts

Priceless (Live In Malaysia 2004)

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Anonymous Weny =P said...


6:17 PM  
Blogger Joey said...

A Crow Left of the Murder left me disappointed. i was hoping that Light Grenades would redeem my love for Incubus. it did up to track 5 (Love Hurts), but i may need to sit on this for a while more...

lets hope that they come back to do another gig in KL! it'll be waaay bigger than any other rock gig ever done in Malaysia~

12:50 AM  

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