Friday, October 27, 2006

Indie vs Commercial

The Black Keys

Saw the current Sony Ericsson advertisement for the Cyber shot phone couple days ago and found the song featured quite familiar, then I realized it was The Black Keys' Girl Is On My Mind. I was paying more attention to the background music than the image, now I can't even recall a single thing about the advertisemnt except for the song. The Black Keys is frequently compared to The White Stripes because of the play on the band names and both are blues-rock, two-men bands. I learnt of The Black Keys and heard a couple tunes few years back, I love The White Stripes' bluesy rock, but I just don't know why I never intend to explore any other The Black Keys' material other than Girl Is On My Mind and another one or two songs. Anyway, Girl Is On My Mind is indeed a catchy number and has been getting more spins on my playlist upon hearing it on the Sony Ericsson advert.

Goldfrapp's song Ohh La La had been used in an advertisement of a local mobile phone service provider, quite a rare feast here in Malaysia. Both The Black Keys and Godfrapp are rather obscure in this part of the world. These adverts are definitely gaining more commercial recognition for those bands, let's hope more great things happen to good indie acts which definitely deserve better exposure.

The Black Keys -
Girl Is On My Mind

Goldfrapp - Ooh La La

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Anonymous WenY =P said...

Lolz yea they must be a pretty hidden band. I did not notice em afterall. But haih the exposure to these songs would be hard for the community to accept. Too many casuals walking the sreeet. Not to mention the trend followers which we often talk about hinders the growth of the genre.

1:22 AM  

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