Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club

Those who has been reading my blog a little while shall be aware of my love for The Strokes. The Strokes' garage rock riffing and Casablancas-esque vocals, it was imposibble for me not to like the sound of Tokyo Police Club. Hailed from Toronto, the four kids (I don't know their ages, but can definitely tell they are kids from their pictures) has been creating buzz in the blogosphere with their "A Lesson in Crime" EP.

Joining the kids-led indie garage rock movement, Tokyo Police Club's sci-fi style lyrics reflect the similar naiveté of fellow-minors bands Arctic Monkeys, The Subways and Be Your Own PET. Raw-sounding and good melodies with some handclaps here and there, it is easy to get into the Club's music. I've been spinning the EP on my playlist quite regularly, and I am definitely looking forward to the proper release of the Club.

Tokyo Police Club - Citizens of Tomorrow

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Blogger J and Lou vs. the World said...

Yeah, they're awesome. I just discovered them yesterday. You listen to good music.

5:54 AM  

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