Friday, September 29, 2006

Albert Gets A Star

Yours to keep

Albert Hammond Jr.'s album "Yours To Keep" is going to drop on 9th October, but thanks to our favourite music magazine/website, we get to preview the album. If you are expecting some very stroke-ish rock tunes, then you will be dissapointed. The tracks are in fact rather poppish and beatles-esque. After giving it a few spins, I actually enjoy it. With its guitar-driven and simple tunes, this is a album that will grow with more listens. Other than the three songs streamed on Myspace, the more memorable tracks upon few listens include Call An Ambulance and Hard To Live (In The City). The Strokes' fans would be most familiar with the track "In Transit" of which the original version has been featured on the band's mini documentary of the same title.

To sum it all, Albert's solo work is as cool as his fro.
Call An Ambulance
Hard To Live (In The City)

I just found out that my mother has been to Albert Hammond's (his father) concert. Looks like we all love the Hammond family.

Hammond family

Papa Hammond's 70s hit,
It Never Rains In Southern California

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Blogger ~z said...

still a toddler but already looks like he's having a

11:03 PM  
Anonymous WenY =P said...

Eh nicela YoBi :) Sounds damn jolly :)

7:14 PM  
Blogger LancerDragoon said...

Ain't bad. I might actually buy it when it comes out, but given my bad experiences with solo records from current/ex-members of bands, I'm a bit skeptical.

P.S.: Ever listen to OK Go?

6:01 AM  

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