Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Fratellis

The Fratellis

I am pretty impressed with those young UK bands mushrooming since Arctic Monkeys made history and became big. The likes of The Kooks and The Automatic also made their ways to charts amidst boy-band-member-turns-pop-star and socialite heiress. The Fratellis is one of those in the leading pack in the bunch. It was actually pretty good for the band that "Chelsea Dagger" reached No.5 on UK single chart and their album debuted at No.2 on the UK album charts. Moreover, they are NME's new darling, two pages were dedicated to the band in the August 10 issue proclaiming them "the best new band in Britain", what more can they ask for?

When I heard Chelsea Dagger, I was instantly hooked. From then, I checked out more songs and had been eagerly anticipating their debut. Released on 11th September, "Costello Music" is a fun album filled with catchy riffs and foot tapping drum beat. Lyrics are mostly about girls, love and young fun-loving life, no profound thoughts on the meaning of life, that's what make me enjoy their music. Rumour has it that the band is named after the baddies in "The Goonies", though the band has denied it, apparently the name is derived from the bassist's surname.

We all like indie feuds, don't we? The Fratellis once started a feud with Arctic Monkeys, labelling their music as mundane. Vocalist Jon said: "We're a hell of lot more tuneful. Is no one sick of hearing that same song of theirs over and over again? We don't stick with one style and don't like singing about mundane, everyday life like a lot of bands do. So you hate where you grew up? Keep it to yourself." Well, I enjoy both bands. But I can't see how The Fratellis could have got themselves signed to a label so fast if it wasn't for Arctic Monkeys started the whole "young-indie-rock-wave" in UK.

Tracks from Costello Music:
Got Ma Nuts From a Hippy
Whistle for the Choir

Bonus mp3:

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Anonymous Weny =P said...

Eh enoughla... so many bands keep on coming out ZZZZZZZz/////..... time for some quality control!!!!! I will Dl some costello n see wether got quality or not :)

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