Monday, December 25, 2006

Festival Festival Festival!

Glastonbury (2006)

Watching the documentary is probably the closest I can get to the Glastonbury festival. It was not an easy watch as random clips from different years were thrown in as oppossed to running in chronological sequence. Also, no names of interviewees or performers, so I had to keep myself very focused throughout the show. Judging from the screening I was in, a number of patrons seemed to struggle. Nevertheless, it was a great discovery on the King of all music festivals, the religious history of Glastonbury, the early years, the Hippie spirit, the locals' reactions, the solid fence and the muddy year. And of course there were the inevitable use of drugs, druken antics, mad dancing, silly costumes, and naked hairy hippies. One of the most memorable characters would be the father and sons who clean the loos in early morning, imagine how much shit and piss hundred thousands of festival goers produced in a day. The documentary gives an overview of every little thing of the festival, other than the people, it is also about the music. It feature performances from the world music (Tinariwen) to electronica (Chemical Brothers, Faithless), from Britpop (Pulp, Blur) to Reggae (Toots & The Maytals). Overall, it was a rather enjoyable watch, especially since it was free. And it triggers my desire to attend a music festival, hopefully the day will come.

Featured music,
Pulp - Common People
David Bowie - Heroes



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