Friday, March 30, 2007

Rising Stars 2007 Part III

The Pigeon Detectives

We are definitely spoilt for choice these days when it comes to guitar-led young British indie bands, and with NME filling our brains with all those wacky band names, I really don't know which one to pick up anymore. But it is impossible for me to overlook The Pigeon Detectives, a five-piece from Leeds. With their energetic and hooky sound, it's hard not to nod and bounce a little to their songs. I was introduced to the track 'Don't Know How To Say Goodbye', then I gained interest to look out for more. 'I Found Out', with its punchy guitar and engaging tune, is one of my favourite tracks, also happens to be the band's first charted single. If the few demos and singles that I have listened are anything to go by, their yet-released debut is definitely worth checking out. Their first full album will be out soon, probably before second half of the year.

The Pigeon Detectives -
Don't Know How To Say Goodbye
The Pigeon Detectives -
I Found Out

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