Sunday, December 23, 2007

Klaxons @ Club Capitol, 23.10.07

Perth has longed for the arrival of neon-glo knights and they were finally here.

Damn Arms, a Melbourne-based band opened to a fluoro army of audience in the sold-out gig. As part of a crop of new wavers from down under, the band proved to be an adequate support with their angular guitars and electro sound. Damn Arms played a mix set of tracks from old EPs and new full debut ‘The Live Artex’.

The glow-stick armed crowd launched into soaring mood as Klaxons hit it off with the perfect opener The Bouncer, announcing that ‘if your name’s not there, you’re not coming in’. The Mercury Prize winning ‘Myths Of The Near Future’ basically wrapped up the main set. Next, the band set the dance floor on fire with the raving ‘Atlantis To Interzone’. There was not a soul in the club who was not fluttering their limbs in full force. I got myself plenty bruises from bashing onto the stage as I was standing at the front row. I was close enough to see Simon’s hair clearly, he indeed has the best/craziest hair in the scene.

The absolutely sensational Golden Skans provided one of the highlights of the show as everyone in the house was ‘ooh-ooh-ooh-ahh-ing along to the catchy chorus. Jamie, James, Simon and Steffan got the crowd all revved up by belting out track by track of their psychedelic dance. Mind-exploding Magick and Gravity’s Rainbow kept the possessed horde dance the night away. We certainly hoped the band meant it when they played their cover of 90’s rave hit It’s Not Over Yet, however the show was near its end.

The boys returned to the stage for a brief encore with the awe-inspiring Four Horsemen Of 2012. At this point, I knew it was time for me to stretch out my arm to grab Simon’s set list I had been eyeing the whole night.

A wonderful (with much fluorescent colour) night.

Klaxons -
The Night (Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Cover)
Damn Arms - Homewrecker


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Blogger fatmah- said...

and another thing. your blog is awesome, i love it and I'm so glad I found it. Thank you for your kind contribution on the world wide web.

Your music recommendations are also fabulous. I am a very happy girl now

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Anonymous ~z said...

klaxons!!!!!!! and guess who we got? colbie caillat coming in march it seems...wahahha, let's go sit in the dark corner and drown in our tears.

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