Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Than Little Joy

We need a little updates on The Strokes, don't we? While Julian Casablancas has became a restaurateur with the likes of Mark Ronson, Steve Aoki and Gerard Butler, Fabrizio Moretti keeps himself busy with a new musical project. Little Joy is a Brazilian/American rock band which consists of Los Hermanos's Rodrigo Amarante and the ever cool Fab with his girlfriend Binki Shapiro. Their debut is due to be released by Rough Trade on 4th November 2008. A first listen to Little Joy's Brand New Start, you won't be blamed for thinking this is a full The Strokes band in action for Rodrigo's crooning that sound ridiculously similar to Jules. This is a stripped down, quieter version of The Strokes with a little Latin vibe which I absolutely have no complaints about. What an appropriate band name, it definitely bring joys, but more than little to us.

Little Joy - Brand New Start
Little Joy - Keep Me In Mind

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Blogger kaishin said...

i love the songs :)

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