Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Cities Of Gold

Formerly known as The Valentinos, Lost Valentinos is a psychedelic dance punk quintet from Sydney, Australia. The band has been making some waves in the indie scene down under since the release of numerous EPs under the old moniker. Comparing the band's current sound like '17 Deaths' and 'Bismarck', and their older materials, the change in musical direction is apparent, where they sound more like a dance band with guitars now as to an indie punk rock band that one can dance to in previous releases. Yet they have not lost the touch in creating some good fun beats in the veins of other forerunners in the dance punk scene like Klaxons, Friendly Fires and Late Of The Pier. The band's latest single 'Thief" is a comeback to their dance punk guitar roots with the fuzzy bassline and streetchase tempos. The single comes from their soon-to-be-released debut on 09.09.09 which is produced by respected DJ Ewan Pearson. In conjuction with that, the band is giving away a trip for two to Peru to discover the inspiration for the album titled 'Cities Of Gold' on their official website.

Check out a banging remix of the band's new single from their debut and an older personal favourite.

Lost Valentinos -
Lost Valentinos -
Thief (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
Lost Valentions -

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