Sunday, December 13, 2009

Patrick Wolf @ Capitol, Perth 12.12.09

Patrick Wolf's gig was an absolutely amazing, full of utterly memorable moments, that was impossible not to enjoy. The crowd at Capitol that day wasn’t the usual dumb blondes or fluoresecent disco kids. Glittered outfit, leather, eccentric bow ties, thick framed glasses, bold rouge lipstick and eye-liner was the attire on show – a scene that the headliner would definitely be proud of.

We were treated to the spetacle of Wolf straight awat as there wasn't any opening act. Dressed in tight black pants, a black feather jacket accompanied by a black leather belt that attached around his neck and lastly a leather head-band, Wolf kicked off the set with Kriegspiel. The first three tracks of the aforementioned, "Oblivion" and "Blue Bells" allowed Wolf to display his multi-talents on guitar, piano and violin. His vocal flexibility was also on display with his soaring highs and haunting lows.

Naturally the set was dominated by tracks from Wolf's latest album "The Bachelor". As the intro of Damaris echoed throughout the venue and the euphoric exhibition of violin rhythms took over, Wolf removed his feather jacket and the whistles and cheers were drowned out, made for an absolutely magic experience as it coupled with the beauty of the song, the atmospheric stage lights, and the glittered crowd.

The crowd remained well-behaved during intermission, waiting patiently as Wolf went backstage for costume change. He then returned to the stage in a long black Dementor gown., and then finally revealing a black and white vertical striped jacket with external shoulder pads. Very Patrick Wolf indeed. There was a welcome collection of older tracks as well such as "Wind In The Wires", "Libertine" and "Tristan".

There was several hillarious moment as the mood was uplifted by Wolf. Story was told involving someone in the Perth public yelling abuse about his clothes and suggesting he looked like a housewife or Britney Spears. later on, The crowd turned crazy as the electric guitar and the familiar sound of the popular Hard Times took over, followed by the crowd favourite dance anthem Magic Position, which saw Wolf ventured into a joyful state and smiled into the glaring lights happily.

Vulture was the encore of the set, and it left me with a smile on the face as the night was over. Patrick Wolf is truly an amazing eccentric individual with huge music talents made for entertaining people. A great live show.

Patrick Wolf - Wind In The Wires
Patrick Wolf - On Sussex Downs (Larrikin Love Cover)

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