Sunday, May 23, 2010

A B & The Sea

So much music, so little time. We hear new music everyday, but a new band worthy to be blogged about is not easy to come by. But we just stumbled across one in a most unexpected way and it's all good.

The boys from A B & The Sea moved from Wisconsin to California to make thier music heard, and it's the most apt destination that they could have been, since their music is described as fun-breezy-beachy kind of surf rock, like that of the Beach Boys and the early Beatles. The first listen of A B & The Sea reminds me of the morning benders before they caught on the scene with Big Echo, then I found out it was no coincidence, as Chris Chu, the lead vocal from the morning benders, has been playing co-producer with Eric Frederic for the band's new songs.

The band has been releasing free music over This is how it works: 5 singles are to be released for free, each is unlocked as people spread the good music to their friends, more are aware of this band and join their mailing list for the free downloads. So far 3 tracks have been unlocked, so you people go do me a favor and sign up for the downloads, so that I can lay my hands on the remaining two free downloads.

A B & The Sea - Yellow Haired Girl

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