Saturday, March 11, 2006

Ya'll Like Some Grillz Now, Ya Hear!

Paul Wall

I notice a new fad on a rise among gangsta rappers recently. I mean Grillz, ya hommies! For those who don't know what is grillz, it refers to removable cosmetic dental metal apparati featuring silver, gold, or platinum caps with diamond inlays jewelled to be worn over the teeth. See the picture above, ya know what I mean. That fella Paul Wall is one of the main propagators who turned the product into popular fashion. He owns a jewelry store that specializes in the production of grillz. Now grillz have became a must-have for all rappers in their bling bling collections. Grillz is now so big, even Nelly has a chart-topper hit dedicated to it.

“Rob the jewelry store and tell em make me a grill Had a whole top diamond and da bottom row`s gold”

Whoa, never thought I can relate to a rap song. Beware Poh Kong! Gotta get myself some grillz like Andy Milonakis. So I can become The People's Chomp superhuman and bite through everything. Anyone needs help? Grrrrr.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wohooooo GRILLS. My grandma had one on made of platinum:P:P But she still mainly wears denchures(if dats how u spell it) Wei zs's dad also has some on:P But not sure wether his as shiny as my grand momas =)

8:21 PM  
Blogger yoongbing said...

woah cool grandma!
she knows the latest hip hop trend

8:43 PM  
Anonymous j man said...

grills ar cool.i'm gonna get some together with some bling bling

12:32 AM  

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