Saturday, April 08, 2006

Dirty Pretty Things

Dirty Prety Things

While Pete Doherty is waiting for his trial for drug possesion scheduled on 20th April, Dirty Pretty Things led by his former bandmate Carl Barât, is set to release its debut album 'Waterloo To Anywhere' on 8th May 2006. The other members include two former libertines - Gary Powell (drums) and Anthony Rossomando (guitar/backing vocals) as well as an ex-Cooper Temple Clause, Didz Hammind (bass/backing vocals), a fill-in for Pete Doherty.

The latest trend in indie music is neither skinny pants nor outrageous haircuts. Guess what? It is leaked tracks or even one full album. After we heard the leaks from the Secret Machines, Snow Patrol, The Zutons and of course The Raconteurs, intentionally or not, DPT's Waterloo To Anywhere has also followed the path. If you like the sound of early Libertines and Doherty's band, Babyshambles, check this out!

Tracklisting as follows:

01 Deadwood
02 Doctors and Dealers [download]
03 Bang Bang, You’re Dead
04 Blood Thirsty Bastards
05 The Gentry Cove
06 Gin & Milk
07 The Enemy [download]
08 If You Love A Woman
09 You Fucking Love It
10 Wondering [
11 Last of the Small Town Playboys
12 B.U.R.M.A.

Also check out Bang Bang You're Dead & Deadwood videos.

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