Saturday, April 01, 2006

Short Break From Hell

Ten Silver Drops

To compensate myself after enduring 2 weeks of hell, I bought Ten Silver Drops by Secret Machines. Was kinda suprised to see it at a local record store, well I thought the release date was 25th of April. Though all the tracks have leaked months ago, still I was pleasantly excited.

The closest thing to rock I've encountered in the past 2 weeks was doing aerobic to Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice, a bass rip-off of Under Pressure by Queen. For these 3 days, I'm going to immerse myself into non-stop music. New materials by Dirty Pretty Things, Arctic Monkeys, The Vines, The Raconteurs, Snow Patrol and The Streets, phew, alot to catch up!

Gosh I missed the chance to audition for Rock Star! The new series are looking out for a vocalist for supergroup called Supernova which consists former members of legendary metal bands - Motley Crue, Gun N' Roses and Metallica. Hopefully won't be a mc poser representing Malaysia.

Don't get why people saying NS is fun. NOT AT ALL. Food sucks. People sucks. Bathroom sucks. Rules suck. Everyday-same-routine sucks. I'm sick now. Real sick. Damn.

Gonna bring my mp3 player loaded with my favourite tracks back there. Listening to Claire's caller ringtone is just not enough. No music, no life.

Shout out to NS:

The Presets - Get The Fuck Outta Here

The Vines - Homesick



Blogger Eniale said...

NS suck that badly? All I kept hearing are that it's fun, I'm missing out on blablabla, and someone once told me that it was like living in a HOTEL!

11:50 PM  
Anonymous Weny=) said...

LolZ.. write more bout NSla=P I wanna have some word xperience bout it!! Get some pictures toooo wakakaka=)Anyway lousy food & boring routine shall help u lose weight ehehehe

12:27 AM  
Anonymous ~z said... ice baby is as close to rock as black eyed peas is..

5:11 PM  
Blogger .:pàt®!¢k:. said...

Dude..Rockstar Audition is 21 years and above la.

8:21 PM  

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