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There's so much buzz about Foals, appearing on most of the next-big-thing list that that I knew i ought to get round to check them out very soon. After a few listens, I was mighty impressed and pretty much hooked. They're very much awesome despite the hype. Hailed from Oxford, Foals mixed the quirky intelligence of Klaxons, and the whole dance-punk element of The Rapture into one brilliant form of energy. With their energetic and hooky sound, we are bound to dance and bounce to their songs.

I was first introduced to the track 'Hummer', which was immediately stucked in my head. Driven by heavy bass line and futuristic electro-buzz, this made-for-disco-action tune is nothing short of incredible. More interestingly, with lyrics like 'we are everywhere', on this evidence, they almost certainly will be in the near future. 'Balloons' is another start-stop, dance floor anthem supported by saxophone, with a a groove-centric piece 'Brazil is Here' as B-side.

If the few demos and singles that I have listened are anything to go by, their upcoming debut, 'Antidotes', is definitely worth checking out. The first full album is set to be released on March 24th.

Foals - Hummer
Foals - Balloons
Foals - Brazil is Here

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