Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Elephant Shell

Elephant Shell

Tokyo Police Club is no doubt master in producing short yet energetic indie pop tracks, having appeared in the year-end-best lists for two years in a row. For a debut so long on anticipation, Elephant Shell is a tad of a letdown, as it is far from being as great as the previous EPs. Upon listening to the album, the tracks definitely sound slightly milder than their previous works, with less of the garage rock revivalist theme they had been practising previously. Losing the usual catchiness, some of the tracks are pretty much forgettable. Despite that, the album is still a decent follow-up, displaying a sign of the band maturing into a more refined and modernised sound.

Clocking in just 28 minutes with 11 tracks, the familiar sounds in A Lesson In Crime EP that first caught my attention still remained - the jangly post-punk guitar riffs are present, the dancefloor rhythm is in full force, heavy punchy bass lines are grumbling loud, coupled with the trademark handclaps, glockenspiels and group chants.

On speedier tracks, "In A Cave" is just classic TPC, sounding as though it's recycled from the first EP. "Tessellate” is an upbeat, hand-clappy track with more hooks than a fisherman's hat. When it’s time to bring things down a notch, “The Harrowing Adventures of…” is a welcome break, with chilling cello and xylophones crooning down your spine.

The band has no doubt found its sound and become more confident, and hopefully, they are able to keep it interesting for future releases.

Tokyo Police Club - In A Cave
Tokyo Police Club - Tessellate
Tokyo Police Club - The Harrowing Adventures of…

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Blogger elly said...

yay! thanks for the songs.

5:22 AM  
Blogger Christelle said...

yeah cool, it seems we like the same artists!!!
i also adore We Are Scientists(saw them3 gigs this year) and Tokyo Police Club(i'll see them next sunday).

2:55 AM  

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