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Four years of commerce study in college, I hated doing management. A band named The Management would not have intrigued me, it sounds just like one of those bands emerged from the garage rock ashes in early 2000s. But MGMT is cool, like the new breed of band names without vowels. Being named band to watch in 2008 by both Rolling Stone and BBC, it is hard to overlook this electro-psychedelic duo from Brooklyn, New York.
Signed to major label Columbia/Sony, MGMT's debut
Oracular Spectacular shouts nothing but the indie sound that is bandied about in mainstream media. Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden are ambitious to mix so many volatile elements in this record, from disco, synth pop, glam rock to blues, but the result is suprisingly impressive.
Opener 'Time To Pretend' began with hints of Queen with some squiggly keys in which they sing about the expectancy of stereotypical stardom with lines like 'Let's make some music make some money find some models for wives/I'll move to Paris, shoot some heroin and fuck with the stars'. 'Weekend Wars' recalls The Stones, then maneuvers to a Scissor Sister's b-side material. 'Electric Feels' flashes Bee Gees falsetto to a nolstagia disco funk with playful lyrics like 'I said, ooh girl/shock me like an electric eel'. Meanwhile 'Kids' is a catchy pop that revolves a more-updated synth lines. The sound of kids playing reminds me of
Guillemots's 'Trains to Brazil', both are quality songs. 'Pieces Of What' see MGMT attempts a gritty acoustic piece, and they unexpectedly pull it off so well.
This is a young and fun record. Every single song stands on its own, none outshine another.
Oracular Spectacular is simply spectacular.

Weekend Wars
Electric Feel
Pieces Of What


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