Monday, February 04, 2008

Andrew Bird @ Rosemount Hotel, North Perth 12.01.08

It was warm and fuzzy inside Rosemount Hotel, everyone was eagerly welcoming the multi-talented songwriter Andrew Bird. But before Bird soared to the stage, local band Fall Electric played a solid acoustic set to the sizeable early numbers. Bird’s live wingman Martin Dosh followed suit with a one-man rhythmic set that revolved around his drum kit, keyboards and looping machine. Dosh who is Andrew Bird’s drummer proved to be capable of delivering some captivating instrumental moment on his own.

We see the commencement of an impressive set with Andrew Bird kicking off his shoes on stage. He launched in a solo mode into the jazzy-wordy Why? Next was Action/Adventure. Andrew Bird’s live performance is so unique, it is unlike anything I have seen before. He constructed songs just right before your eyes like a painter at work. He is truly a master creator, plucking his violin, his incredible high-pitched whistling, singing and playing guitar, then looped them all through pedals to create mind-blowing textures to his songs. So many thing were going on at the same time, sometimes he pondered for awhile to decide what to do next, somehow everything clicked, he pulled it off in total control.

Dosh and bass player Jeremy Ylvisaker joined Bird on stage for the brisk and powerful Fiery Crash. The full band sound oozed a certain groove that got the crowd going. This was followed by selections from earlier albums like Opposite Day and live staple A Nervous Tick Motion To The Head From The Left. Then Bird pulled out a new song The Non Animal, a solid track that was met with healthy response. Andrew Bird was a mere one kilometre from me, so I have a good eyeful of him. Bird was a fun performer to watch, he twisted and contorted his body whenever he got into his own music. He was an undeniably a brilliant singer, soothing but powerful, and his whistling was another major weapon that charmed the crowd.

He then moved on to the two catchy tracks on Armchair Apocrypha, Heretics and Plasticities, the reactions of the crowd showed that the man’s latest album was no doubt one of his finest works. The main set was closed off with the hopeful Dark Matter before he returned to the stage alone to cover the Handsome Family’s The Giant Of Illinois. When he picked up his shoes, everyone knew it was the end of a wonderful night. I left feeling satisfied and a little more intelligent after the set of witty and sensible songs.

After the gig, Andrew Bird came out to the garden, chatted away with those still hanging around and signed some bits and pieces. I felt lucky enough to have stuck around and talked to the talented man. I am sure he would attract a flock of fans if he visits our shores - which is Malaysia.


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