Monday, May 05, 2008

Malaysia vs Singapore Part III

25/1 Pelle Carlberg & Club 8
2/2 Switchfoot
19/2 Explosions In The Sky
27/2 Backstreet Boys
9/3 Bleeding Through
14/3 Colbie Cailat
15/3 Sunburst KL Festival (Incubus. John Legend, The Roots, etc)
30/3 HORSE The Band
11/4 Sean Kingston
13/4 Celine Dion
26/4 Comeback Kid
9, 10/5 2-Days of Freedom Festival (Tiësto, Ferry Corsten, Cosmic Gate, etc)
14/5 Marié Digby
17/5 X Live Music Festival (Missy Elliott etc
25/5 Soilwork
25/5 Sick of It All
7/6 The Click Five
5/7 Mono

31/1 Switchfoot
7/3 Incubus/Saosin
9/3 Broken Social Scene
11/3 Raul Midón
13/3 Múm
14/3 The Roots
14/3 Sondre Lerche & The Faces Down
14/3 Fujiya & Miyagi
25/3 Maroon 5
27/3 KT Tunstall
27/3 The Rakes
29/3 HORSE The Band
25/4 Comeback Kid
26/4 Infadels
28/4 Stereophonics
7/5 Elton John
13/5 James Blunt
16, 17, 18/5 Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Festival
1/6 The Click Five

This is a reluctant post. I detest making this an annual affair. We hate to love the people across the shore that love to hate us. Yet we are let down again.

I was not aware of such substantial distasteful cult followings for screamo in this territory. The fact that there are so many hoo-ha over a handful of bands from this specific genre playing in these couple of months challenges my optimistic approve for those scene kids who listen to music more than what is deemed healthy. These bands are so awfully pretentious that even Panic In The Disco sounds genuine to me. Then again, people attend such gigs because it is deemed cool to listen to bands literally unheard of, the more obscured the better. What Comeback, they were not even here in the first place?

On the other hand, radio-listening youths are getting excited over those MySpace or YouTube made artists that hit our shore. Self-claimed singer-songwriters with no talent and only pretty faces, anyone? Or a disgustingly obese teenager who does not sing and look the part? People are eager to jump on that overloaded ship when I am stranded in an island, rather starved than chewing on some dead meat.

While we are assailed with excruciating noise and tasteless gums, the people down south are so much fortunate. Canadian indie rock supergroup, good looking Norwegian pop genius, London working class post-punk revivalist, Welsh answer to brit-pop and feminine piano legend/sir, how I wish I could be there.

Will there be part IV?

Elton John ft. Pete Doherty - Children of The Revolution (Live at Live 8 - T-Rex Cover)

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Blogger kaishin said...

my new place is even nearer to KOKO! u must come! =p

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