Sunday, May 04, 2008

the morning benders

Elephant Shell

After two lovely EPs 'Loose Change' and 'Boarded Doors', the morning benders (it's always small caps) is finally getting down to the business of releasing debut full-length 'Talking Through Tin Cans'. This young Berkeley indie pop quartet is set to go places with their catchy rock that channels classic sound like The Beatles with melodies that linger in one's mind for an indefinite period.

The debut will be mixture of re-recorded EP songs and new ones for which so far we have heard the breezy Crosseyed and the jangly Waiting For A War. Currently touring with The Kooks, it is not hard to suspect the morning benders will grab the ears of those who appreciate some catchy youthful pop. I can imagine the teenage girls going to see The Kooks tapping their feet to the morning benders. No doubt we will hear more about Chris Chu and boys, and see the love for the band spread in the near future.

the morning benders -
Waiting for a War
the morning benders - Crying (Roy Orbison cover)


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