Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tesla Boy

Looking through my archive, it has been awhile since I last wrote on young upcoming artists. Work has been eating me up, but it hasn't stopped me from discovering good new music. Since I have been listening to a little too much electronic music lately, I ought to share my excitement over this Russian electro trio that has been favoured by the Valerie collective and making the blog rounds.

Tesla Boy consists of Anton Sevidov (vocals and keyboards), Dima Midborn (bass and background vocals), and Boris Lifshits (drums). Artists like M83 and Cut Copy have evoked pure pop 80s nostalgia with their brilliant releases back in last year, Tesla Boy's 2009 self-titled EP is offering a throw-back sound that is not unsimilar. I was instantly hooked upon listening to tracks on the EP, the take on 80s synth-charged vibe and melodramatic vocals combined with a hint of today stylistic sounds is catchy and nothing short of incredible.

I may be too young to feel nostalgic on the glam disco era, but these top-notch pop delights just steal my heart away. Currently unsigned, the hype on this terrific band is just getting started, hop on before everyone starts claiming them their own!

Tesla Boy - Fire
Tesla Boy - Neon Love

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