Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I have been regularly posting requests on a couple music-sharing communities to get hold of new music, or music that is hard to come by. Those community members have always been kind enough to upload those requested songs for me, and in turn I'll help back by uploading music requested by others. This method of getting free music had never go wrong, until yesterday I was so pissed off by a hypocrite on one of those communities.

Well, as usual I requested music that I can't find elsewhere on a community and hoping for responses by other members. A bitchy person came by and wrote me some rude comments. I requested a new single of a Manchester four-piece indie band which she self-proclaimed the frontman was her brother, so she doesn't allow material of the band being requested or uploaded on these communities. She kept pestering me not to request the song and asked me to "trot along to the nearest record shop or purchase online" (as if the record shops in our 'boleh' land would carry the new single of such indie band and me a poor student has got credit card). Also it was so hypocritical for her to object to certain artist being shared in these communities, while at the same time, being a member of those communities, sharing music of other artists for free.

Of course, I've chosen to ignore her because I don't see anything wrong requesting any song I want on a music-sharing community. Well, I guess the band has lost a potential fan being the singer has a cynical, hypocritical, egotistical sister. Who knows I might buy the soon-to-be released album of the band if I could get the first taste on the single, but hey they can never earn my money now...
Kashmir feat. David Bowie - The Cynic



Anonymous Jarrad said...

That does sound infuriating but that shouldn't disuade you from diggin into that band's music, if she was part of the band than maybe I can understand that but the band themselves might be the opposite of asshole'ish!

9:16 AM  

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