Saturday, May 20, 2006

Someone Else's Dream

Casablancas vs Green

This morning, my sister told me she had a very strange dream the night before, and even stranger I was also in it. The dream goes like this, me and my sister were at Rock Corner, a record shop; I was ready to buy an Adam Green's album, and my sister was there to forbid me to do so, but I insisted. When she has finished with her story, I was like 'what the heck'. I have heard a couple Green's songs, but was never into him. The fact that I even tried to listen to Green was because he has toured with fellow New Yorker, The Strokes before, and he bears an uncanny resemblance to Julian Casablancas. Now I've got a clue, anything associated with The Strokes appearing in my sister dream is definitely not strange.

Youth Group - Someone Else's Dream
Amos Lee - Dreamin'
Broken Social Scene - Ibi Dreams of Pavement
The Coral - Dreaming of You



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