Saturday, June 03, 2006

Drummer Boy

Fabrizio Moretti

Hope I wasn't too late on posting this, yesterday was Fabrizio Moretti's 26th birthday. The drummer of NY coolest band The Strokes is dating actress Drew Barrymore, and a trademark of his is vintage Coca-Cola shirts. The curly-haired Fab shares his birthday with Charlie Watts, also a drummer of legendary rock band The Rolling Stones. Since the World Cup craze is sweeping the whole world, I shall just throw in a little soccer bits - yesterday was also Argentinian young sensation, Sergio Agüero's birthday. Also sharing the same birthday are Keane's pianist Tim Rice-Oxley and American geeky actor Justin Long.

Speaking of drums, I will be attending my first drumming lesson at Ironwood tommorow. Some might think there's nothing to shout about, but I am very excited for I've been wanting it for so long. Guess I shall wear the one and only vintage Coca-Cola shirt of mine to hit those drums!

The Strokes (written by Fabrizio Moretti) - Clear Skies
Sufjan Stevens - Happy Birthday
The Polyphonic Spree - Little Drummer Boy

p/s: Happy birthday to you too, Patrick Kua.

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Blogger .:pàt®!¢k:. said...

Hey, my birthday is on the 4th la... LOL...but anyways...thanks alot for the surprise as well as the present. =)Go drummer boy! Scot Travis no. 2!(if not mistaken the name of that drummer)

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

where i can buy this shirt???

10:50 PM  

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