Saturday, November 25, 2006

Gravity Won't Get You High

The Grates

Life has been occupied with study and audition preparation, so I have not been blogging as regular as I would like to. I was sent a digital copy of The Grates' Gravity Won't Get You High some time ago. I added the tracks into my playlist, and just let them play on shuffle mode, only until recently I gave the album a proper listen.

The sudden surge of female-led rock bands seems to be inescapable from north to south, UK has The Long Blondes, while Be Your Own Pet comes from US, Australia presents its very own The Grates. Gravity Won't Get You High is the three-piece Brisbane band's debut full-length, and it is a collection of abrasive, catchy little tunes. Most songs are vocal-centric, Patience Hodgson's unique voice is balanced with John Patterson's jangly riff and Alana Skyring's pounding drumbeats, all of which are a bit of the indie staple. The bright and lively musicianship engages the listeners and bring them into the music.

The album is infectiously joyous that make you want to move every minutes; but half way through the album, the formulaic crunch-and-howl and playful noisy sound seems to get a little tired. Anyway, there are far more hits than misses, and the band does fit in a little twists to showcase their versatility. A good example would be "Sukkafish" which is accessorized with banjo-plucking and fiddling. "Lies" is one of the outstanding tracks where Hodgson's eccentric vocal fits just right with simple toe-tapping punk rhythms. 19-20-20 is the perfect first single with catchy phrasings and saucy melody as "Science Is Golden" is a sheer exciting song, complete with charming harmonies and handclaps. Gravity Won't Get You High is just a pure simple fun album that sounds like the band is on a dose of happy pills while making it.

Hear them.

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Make Yourself

Light Grenades

Light Grenades, the sixth album by Incubus which is scheduled to be released on 28th November has just leaked. Upon the first listen, the tracks aren't that catchy. Most probably it will grow on me after a few spins on my playlist. I love the fact that everyone hates them just for being too mainstream, it makes liking them so much more appealing. I witnessed the band's explosive sound in their first concert in Malaysia two years back, hopefully it wouldn't be their and my last. Apparently Albert Hammond Jr. is supporting Incubus in the band's North American Tour. I will definitely kill to see these two of my favourite acts play, if only they will make their way to this little place that only hold gigs for acts like Ryan Star and Tata Young. Erm, don't ask me who are they.

Diamonds And Coal
Love Hurts

Priceless (Live In Malaysia 2004)

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Shed Your Shades

Puff Daddy? P.Diddy? Puffy? Alright I think it's Diddy. Anyway he got a new album out, with a cover that looks like this,


Looks familiar?

Everything Is Illuminated

What a rip off!

Frontman of Gyspy punk band Gogol Bordello, Eugene Hütz played an interesting character in this brilliant movie. Check out this track contributed by the band for the movie.

Gogol Bordello - Start Wearing Purple

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