Friday, November 27, 2009


The footstep of summer is near, and what better way to welcome it with the release of "Summertime!" by The Drums. Hailed from Florida, The Drums - Jonathan Pierce and Jacob Graham combine the sunny sounds of American surf pop with whistling, handclaps, simple drum beats and a hint of synth to create irresistibly, easygoing pop tunes.

The EP, containing six tracks of bubblegum pop, is massively likable, not to mention danceable. Most tracks are about surfing, friends, love, and wholesome summer partying. Lead single "Let's Go Surfing" is a perfect example of The Drums' style. It is filled with catchy jangly riffs and has more hooks than a fisherman's hat. "Saddest Summer' is a three and a half minutes of pop gem. It is so insanely upbeat that it contradicts with the track title.

Another fine three-and-a-half-minutes comes in at the climax - "Down By The Water". 60's pop with Glasvegas-like bass line and soft thumps and hi-claps on the percussion, the tracks shows that The Drums is no one trick pony.

Instant classic. Highly recommended.

The Drums - Let's Go Surfing
The Drums - Saddest Summer
The Drums - Down By The Water

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Take It In!

"One Life Stand", Hot Chip's fourth studio release is scheduled to be released in February 2010. First single "Take It In", is an excellent sneak peek at what the album has to offer.

On first listen, the track has a dark vibe to it, sprinkled with the trademark electronic-synth combination that always leave me in anticipation for more. Being the usual contender in my end-of-year best list, looks like there will be no exception for the band this year. Awsome stuff.

Hot Chip - Take It In

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Monday, November 02, 2009

Metronomy's 'Like A Version'

Triple J's 'Like A Version' is probably the Australian version of Live Lounge. Metronomy was touring down under for Parklife Festival not long ago. A cover song choice? Nothing is more apt than the Australia's most hyped band of the year - Empire Of The Sun which just did their first live show in Parklife as well. And so Metronomy did their own version of We Are The People, grab it below.

Metronomy -
We Are The People (Empire Of The Sun cover)

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