Sunday, April 26, 2009

Not A Secret

Holy shit, it's Passion Pit. That's exactly how I was introduced to this little (not-so now) band over at the now-on-hiatus Good Weather For Airstrikes way back last year. The rest was history. Since then, the good people at GWFAS has launched Neon Gold, a 7″ vinyl singles label and its first release was none other than the mindblowing Sleepyhead by Passion Pit, one of our 2008 top tracks. The band has also been named BBC's Sound of 2009 and making buzz waves in the blogsphere.

With a full-length studio album 'Manners' due to be released on May 19th, 2009, they are set to be the Vampire Weekend or MGMT of 2009. After hearing 'The Reeling', the teaser from the most anticipated debut of the year, a leak would be a great early birthday gift for me! The video is equally amazing as well, I absolutely dig the distressed, animated paper and torn-up gig flyers. Deep! Check it out here for yourself.

Hang on, there's more. The band just dropped another track 'Little Secrets' from the debut as part of a remix contest. You can find the official contest info and upload your remix here. Now I am starting to get extremely excited for the elecro-pop goodness wrapped in the debut LP. I am feeling a little sick of too much 'Kids', people should start dropping these good shit from Passion Pit!

Passion Pit - The Reeling
Passion Pit -
Little Secrets

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Boy Least Likely To Cover Grease

The Boy Least Likely To decided to cover the classic Grease song “The One That I Want" as b-side to the band's upcoming single "When Life Gives Me Lemons, I Make Lemonade" from their sophomore album "The Law of the Playground". It stays pretty close to the orginal version. Nothing particularly groundbreaking but it is about as warm and adorable as you’d imagine.

Single "When Life Gives Me Lemons, I Make Lemonade" is all about catchiness and jangling banjo. With all the playful snippets of childhood combined with sunshine and optimism, it never fails to put a smile on my face.

The Boy Least Likely To -
The One That I Want (Grease Cover)
The Boy Least Likely To - When Life Gives Me Lemons, I Make Lemonade

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


“What’s that sound? I like that sound. I love that sound.”
“It is the sound of my shoes.”

A witty electro number filled with synthesized electronic bleeps and snare-heavy beats, with spoken lyrics mostly revolving around shoes. Ridiculously catchy and danceable. "Shoes" leads the way for Tiga's highly anticipated album "Ciao! Tiga", featuring Soulwax, James Murphy and many more, that is to be released May 26th. Another track, "Love Don't Dance Here Anymore", is 10+ minutes of classic disco atmosphere with a beautiful piano/vocal opening. Pure genius.

Check out the brilliant video as well, directed by Alex & Liane.

Tiga - Shoes [alt]
Tiga - Love Don't Dance Here Anymore [alt]
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So two of the previous posts (Yeah Yeah Yeahs & Phoenix) have been deleted with no prior notice or warning. What a shame. Bloody web sheriff. But fear not, here are two remixes as compensation, fresh from lead single "Zero" released by Yeah Yeah Yeahs from their masterpiece, "It's Blitz".

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero (MSTRKRFT Remix) [alt]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero (Animal Collective Remix) [alt]

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wave Machines

Art rock disco made on a Cash Converter keyboard and start up drum kit, that's how Wave Machines describe themselves. Hailed from Liverpool, Wave Machines create a fragile pop, built on glitchy bass lines and falsetto vocals. Think of the love child of Hot Chip, with a little essence of Architecture In Helsinki.

Lead single "
Keep The Lights On" from debut "Wave If You're Really There" is a slow motion lo-fi nu disco which is reminiscent of Scissor Sisters. Synth-charged vibe and groovy basslines, coupled with amazing falsetto, is certainly catchy and nothing short of incredible. A perfect breezy disco tune which is bound to be on repeat on anyone's playlist.

Meanwhile, the sweet and sweaty “
I Go I Go I Go” is all bouncy guitars, funky basslines and catchy vocals, all converging to create the perfect summer single. The joyful optimism is bound to make everyone hooked and bounce in the moshpit. The track has been out since last year but it did not get enough exposure or recognition it truly deserved.

There is certainly excitement for the debut album from these scousers, which is set to be released in May or June.

Wave Machines - Keep The Lights On
Wave Machines - I Go I Go I Go

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Bat For Lashes Cover Kings Of Leon

Bat For Lashes' cover of Kings of Leon's arena anthem 'Use Somebody' at BBC Radio One Live Lounge is a work of beautiful darkness. Every note of Natashe Khan is stripped to its foundation and her voice suits the emotion and vibe that were likely meant to be felt with the original track. With the sheer simplicity of an organ and tambourine playing at the background, this stripped-down version of the song is filled with sadness and raw emotion. Excellent cover.

Bat for Lashes has just released her sophomore album, "Two Suns," on April 6th. Grab it here.

Bat For Lashes - Use Somebody (Kings of Leon Cover)

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Franztastic Covers

"It's been the best song out in the last few months." said Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos. The band has joined in the fun in playing the most covered track of the year, Britney Spears' "Womanizer". The performance, together with their latest single "No You Girls", was recorded for BBC's Live Lounge.

Franz Ferdinand created a version with a sound of their own - Brit-pop synths, funky vibe and Kapranos’ trademark vocal. And they actually bridge into one of their earlier track "Shopping for Blood" after the midpoint of the song, which is surprisingly fitting. A rather enjoyable cover.

Franz Ferdinand - Womanizer (Britney Spears Cover)

In addition, Franz Ferdinand also injects some sexy brilliance into Blondie's "Call Me”. The track, featured off Warchild: Heroes, a charity album devoted to the War Child charity's aid efforts in war-stricken areas, showcases a job well done of covering one of Blondie’s signature tune. It’s easily a major highlight of this album, which consists of 15 exclusive and breath-taking cover versions of many classic tracks. So, go buy them here.

Franz Ferdinand - Call Me (Blondie Cover)

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Wolf & Vlad

The last time we heard from Wolfmother, 2/3 of the band had left due to "creative differences". Frontman Andrew Stockdale decided to forge ahead and continue on with his retro rock juggernaut, recruiting three new members, guitarist Aidan Nemeth, bassist Ian Peres and drummer Dave Atkins. And now, the new-look, post-breakup Wolfmother has dropped a new single from the highly anticipated untitled sophomore album.

'Back Round' sounds pretty much like, well Wolfmother. As usual it is filled with the trademark chunky guitar riffs and massive drum fills, with Stockdale's lead work sounds more impressive as well, now that he has a rhythm man to back him up.

Head to Wolfmother’s website to download this awesome track, or grab it below for you lazy bums.

Wolfmother -
Back Round

In other news, Kasabian has released a brand new track titled 'Vlad The Impaler' from the upcoming 'The West Rider Pauper Lunatic Asylum' out June 8th. “Vlad The Impaler” is an explosive psychadelic anthem, and though the chorus that goes "Get loose, get loose" is not exactly catchy, it's strange enough to make you want to press the repeat button. Be sure to be treated to the track's awesome video starring Noel Fielding from The Mighty Boosh as well.

Kasabian -
Vlad The Impaler

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

VHS Or Beta @ Heineken Green Room, Orange Club, 28.3.09

Another installment of Heineken Green Room has arrived, and VHS Or Beta was billed as the headliner. Other supporting acts include Djuma Soundsystem and local DJ Box Frenzy. Orange Club was the venue this time, fresh from the Battles gig a week ago.

By the time VHS or Beta hit the stage, the club was brimming over with people, clinking beer bottles and roaring shouts of excitement. The minute-long "Euglama" was playing at the background, accompanying the band to the stage before they burst into the starter notes of “Burn It All Down,” stimulating those synth and bass driven melodies that were enough for the audience to dance to.

Offering a tight band dynamic, VHS Or Beta demonstrated versatility with each member switching roles playing different instruments at some points. Guitarist/vocalist Craig Pfunder and Mike McGill's incredible guitar work, coupled with Mark Palgy funky basslines, Chea Beckley's soaring keyboard as well as Mark Guidry's thumping dico-like drums, the band did a phenomenal job of and losing themselves in song and crunchin' out some decent retro electro rock.

Newer tracks from the latest album "Bring On The Comets" like “She Says” and “Burn It All Down" were the main focus of their set, peppered with older materials as well such as "You Got Me" and "Alive". Encore saw VHS Or Beta diving into lead single "Can't Believe A Single Word", before ending the set with the climatic crowd pleaser "Night On Fire" sending the audience into a literal sea of hands clapping while shouting, ‘Put your hands together and we’ll light this night/We’ll light this night on fire.’

VHS Or Beta's overall sound was so clean, sharp and soaring that there isn't any doubt that they are a decent and solid live act. It was an very enjoyable gig indeed, or maybe the only thing I could probably find wrong with the performance was that the lead singer’s long hair pretty much shielding him from the audience the whole set. It was certainly rather surprising and rare though to listen to such amazing soundsystem in local live scene, given the few bad experiences in previous gigs. I went in knowing little about this Kentucky dance-funk enterprise and was hooked and emerged a fan after that. Bring on the next Heineken Green Room!

VHS Or Beta - Burn It All Down
VHS Or Beta - She Says

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