Sunday, January 28, 2007

They Are Back


Oh, it's Travis. They are the type of bands that I know I have always enjoyed their music, but with so many cool new bands bashing my little brain, they somehow got lost in an obscure corner that I tend to overlook. However, as the band return with a new release, it is like meeting an old friend, the sleeping memory awaken to recall how much I used to like them.

Travis new song 'Big Chair' was debuted on Radio 1 by Chris Martin, and also can be streamed from their official Myspace page. A new album is soon to follow, but no date is confirmed. The new song is a beautiful tune, it grows on me after more listen. There you go, a radio-rip Mp3,

Travis - Big Chair

Neon Bible

The most anticipated leak is creating buzz everywhere. We no longer getting a track in one week, then another in next, the full package finally arrived.

The Well and the Lighthouse
Keep The Car Running


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Myths of the Near Future

Myths of the Near Future

Among the leading pack of the 'new rave' movement, Klaxons' first album finally dropped. There are a couple new tracks alongside previous released singles and songs from EP 'Xan Valleys'. Already being dubbed the 'debut album to watch in 2007', it could not escape being leaked on to file-sharing site, albeit just a few more days to the release date.

Two Receivers
Totem on the Timeline

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jens Lekman @ Little Havana, 20.1.07


I attended the above gig on Saturday with my sisters and a couple of friends. The gig was nice and intimate, we were upstair at the Red Room with some 100+ gig-goers. There were three opening acts, Jerome Kugan, Lurks and Laila's Lounge, each played a set of 4-5 songs.

Finally around 11pm, Jens Lekman came on stage with a ukulele little acoustic guitar. According to the man himself, he was on vacation in Malaysia, but he couldn't resist the fans. He played a solo brief set of simple pop gems, with a good amount of black humour thrown in between songs. He also promised to come back with a full band. The set consists 10-12 songs, those I can recall are crowd-favourite 'Black Cab', 'Maple Leaves', 'You Are The Light', 'Pocketful Of Money','A Sweet Summer's Night on Hammer Hilland', 'Julie' 'Tram 7 to Heaven' and Jens' rendition of Paul Simon's 'You Can Call Me Al'.

Towards the end, the audience requested for more, Jens said that he was afraid that one more song might spoil the whole night, but anyone could go up to him later and ask him play any song after he has taken some rest and water. In a short while, I saw Jens coming out back near the stage, so I went up to him and thanked him for a great night. He is not exactly a pop star, but I felt somewhat nervous around him, as it was probably the closest I got to an artist. I even acted like a fan boy, asked him to pose a photo with me and signed a tour poster. After seeing what I've done, other people also followed, came up for photographing and signing. I didn't stick around for long, so I have no idea had he really played more songs upon request.




I had an enjoyable night, and money was well spent.

Songs I wish Jens Lekman would have played,
Rock Dennis Farewell Song
Run Away With Me

Next up,
Muse 25.02.07.


Friday, January 12, 2007

Ruby, ruby, ruby, ruby


Two weeks into a brand new year, this song is ringing in my head...

Kaiser Chiefs -

My computer went down near the end of last year, just got it fixed and luckily my precious songs collection is safe. Whoa, what a good head start of year 2007.

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